About Us

TC Wholesalers is privately held company. TC Wholesalers was founded with a goal of providing customers access to quality products at reasonable prices with exceptional customer service. We believe that satisfied customers are the key to our success, because a satisfied customer will continue to give us their business and their referrals. We work hard each and every day to make that goal a reality.

Our customers receive first-level access to a variety of merchandise including name brand clothing, high-end appliances, sporting goods, and much more. While other companies may sell similar products, our direct relationships enable us to obtain the best products at the best price, before they have been “picked over”. Coupled with our dedication to service, our customers’ experience is second to none.

Our prior careers in corporate America frame our drive for success and lends in our ability to understand risk. In addition, through our experiences in the wholesale, resale and retail businesses, we have become experts in knowing the best channel to sell each product to get the highest return.

By getting to know our customers’ business objectives and priorities, we can manage the risk in what they purchase. We work with each customer to help them find the product that best meets their needs.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your business – and help your business grow. Contact us today - you won’t be disappointed!